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“The Big Game is second only to Thanksgiving as one of the biggest food fests in American culture, and what you choose to serve at your party can be just as important as which teams are playing,” said Faith Atwood, Marketing Manager, Cape Cod Potato Chips. “Whether you’re hosting or bringing a dish to share, Cape Cod Chips add a distinctive taste and flavor to your Big Game snacking experience. Just be sure to turn up the volume, or you might not be able to hear the score over all the crunching!”

For those in search of new game day snacking strategies, here are a few suggestions from Cape Cod Chips.
  • Draft New Players: New for winter, Cape Cod is introducing Limited Batch Back Bay Crab Seasoning, and Limited Batch Asiago Cheese & Italian Herbs flavored potato chips. Made in small batches and available for a limited time only, these chips score big on flavor. Consider serving chips with an aioli in small stainless steel buckets for a different take on the usual snack bowl lineup.
  • Have a Good Game Plan: Cape Cod’s double-sliced waffle cut chips are hearty enough to stand up to the creamiest dips. New Buffalo Cheddar Waffle Cut chips are the perfect match to a cool blue cheese dip. For a twist on classic football fare try baking Sea Salt Waffle Cut chips smothered with favorite nacho toppings.
  • Make a Trade: Americans will consume an average of 11.2 million pounds of potato chips during the Big Game. That’s a lot of potatoes, and fat! Lighten up your chips by choosing from Cape Cod’s popular lineup of reduced fat flavored and original kettle-cooked chips. The 40% Less Fat variety is a favorite among kettle chip enthusiasts, and delivers the same taste and crunch as the Original variety.
All Cape Cod Potato Chips are all-natural, gluten-free, preservative-free and are kettle-cooked in 100% canola oil. The well-known Cape Cod lighthouse on the distinct white bag makes it easy for consumers to Cape Cod Chips find in the snack aisle. Cape Cod Chips can be found at major retailers or ordered online at For more game day food and entertaining ideas, visit the Cape Cod Chips Pinterest page or the Cape Cod Chips Facebook page.