Fresh from the home of ridiculously good chips, a delicious new product is popping up in the snack aisle — Cape Cod Popcorn. Cape Cod introduces the crunch you crave to new popcorn recipes — Sea Salt, Kettle Corn and White Cheddar.

You called. You emailed. You posted. “Bring back Cape Cod White Cheddar Popcorn.” Well, we got the hint. This fluffy popcorn with a blast of rich white cheddar cheese inspired thousands. And will inspire you.

If you yearn for the Cape Cod crunch with guilt-free flavor, grab the naturally simple popcorn snack. Indulge in a touch of sea salt with Cape Cod Sea Salt Popcorn, with only 35 calories per cup, or or try our newest flavor, Cape Cod Roasted Black Garlic Popcorn, at just 60 calories per cup. They’re ridiculously guilt-free.

Whatever popcorn you’re in the mood for, Cape Cod has the kettle cooked crunch you love and the flavors you want.